Corporate Policies and Work Environment

Our basic philosophy

  • Cherish freedom of thought and expression through our open door policy
  • Shared corporate responsibility and common goals
  • Nurture talent for Innovation and research
  • Retention through career growth and attractive incentives and shared values
  • Provide Infrastructure and environment for skill upgrade and knowledge acquisition
  • Respect cultural diversity
  • Fair performance management process for evaluating performance fulfilment
  • Putting our people first.

Work/Life Balance

Salus realizes that our employees are juggling work commitments with efforts to create fulfilling personal lives. To help maintain a balance between employees' personal and professional lives, we encourage efficient time scheduling and close planning with our customers to minimize availability issues.

Recognizing Unique Situations

Salus has worked proactively with many of its employees to arrange part-time schedules and flexible office hours. Most of our business lines are such that clients pay a premium for our immediate attention and time. Therefore, it is difficult to accommodate arrangements that limit people’s availability—either in terms of proximity or time. However, we recognize that circumstances sometimes arise for individuals when such accommodation is necessary. At Salus, these arrangements are more often temporary in nature, rather than a permanent change in position or career path.