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In order that Salus Technologies ensures that its customers are satisfied with its services, certain information may be requested from the user. While every attempt is made by Salus Technologies to keep all personal information about you confidential, no liability for any loss or damage, whether direct or consequential, will be accepted by Salus Technologies or its employees, if this information is accessed by unintended parties through unauthorized means or without the explicit permission of the user or Salus Technologies.
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The forms on this site are designed to obtain information in a manner that will not compromise your security or reveal personal information about you. Salus Technologies does not accept any liability for any loss or damage, whether direct or consequential, for information, other than that being requested and in the appropriate input areas, being posted on this site through any of the forms that are present on this site now, or might be added in the future.


While adequate care has been taken in ensuring that the information shown on this site is accurate and correct, no liabilities or responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions that may be present in the information or any loss or damage resulting from such errors or omissions, whether direct or consequential or whether such entry is made by Salus Technologies, its employees, authorized agents or by any person having access to this server.
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Salus Technologies makes every effort to ensure that the users have continuous access to this server and to this site, provided the user has authorized access to this server.
No warranties are made in any respect to the continued availability of this service at any time nor is any assurance made to the effect that the user can and will continue to enjoy unhindered access to this server and to this site at any or all times.


Salus Technologies reserves the right to allow or deny any individual or company or entity, access to this site, without assigning any reason thereof.
Where it comes to the attention of Salus Technologies, that any information posted on this site by anyone is, in its judgment, false, incorrect or misrepresents the facts, it reserves the right to delete all such information and any related records from its database, without assigning any reasons thereof.

Salus Technologies does not guarantee that the Products displayed on this site may be available as they appear. Due to continuous development and product research, Salus Technologies reserves the rights to modify any of the information shown on this site without notice.

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