Getting Started

Information on starting your own poker or casino site

Salus Technologies brings you cutting edge iGaming software for your online poker and Vegas casino rooms. We bring a choice of many exciting games, many of which are developed exclusively for specific geographic markets. In addition to this, we have an excellent in house development team that can customize all our products and services to your very specific needs.
As soon as you have specified your requirements we will initiate the deployment process as outlined in our Delivery Model section of the web site. Follow our step by step guide on what you need to get started on building your online gaming site using the Salus portfolio of online games.
Please note that this is not a product that can be downloaded and installed y yourself. For a satisfactory experience, please follow these steps for procurement.

Step 1:

Fill up our iGaming Request Form.


Commercial & Technical Proposal

Receive information and a customized proposal from Salus with the various offerings and pricing information.

Step 3:

Confirm your Order:

Confirm your order by signing the order form that you will receive from Salus.

Step 4:

Send the payment:

You will receive a payment schedule for your product or service. Make the payment in accordance with the schedule and advise your sales representative of the same.

Step 5:

Look for infrastructure and hosting:

Our technical team can help you identify reliable hosting solutions. We will also assist in drafting the detailed technical specifications for the servers, configurations, security and all other information that you require, for your hosting company.

Step 6:

Deployment and Delivery:

On receiving server access, our team will configure and install the software and systems for you. Depending on the selected services, this can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks. You will have received a detailed time table and deliver and implementation schedule as a part of the technical and commercial proposal.

Step 7:

Deployment and Training:

Our experts will offer all required training to you and your staff relating to operation and maintenance of the software and servers.

Step 8:

Ongoing Maintenance:

We will then take over the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the software and systems. This leaves you free to take care of your marketing and customer interactions.