Where can you get a poker site license?

Gaming Jurisidictions

Below is a list of gaming jurisdictions for where you can apply for an online gaming license. License from each jurisdiction may be valid only in some geographic areas and therefore you may need one or more licenses to serve your intended geographic locations. A license does not permit you to offer gaming services in restricted countries. Please familiarize yourself with the laws of the countries where you intend to provide online gaming services to avoid problems at a future date.


Gibraltar is known to be an offshore financial center located in the Iberian Peninsula.
It is mandatory under the Gambling Act 2005, that all gambling activities have a gambling license issued by the Licensing Authority of Gibraltar.
Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Isle of Man

Isle of Man is located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland.
In 2001, the government introduced legislation to benefit gambling companies and customers. After recent changes, the licensing and regulatory control are more supportive of the gambling industry`s needs. The Gambling Supervision Commission founded in 1962, is dedicated to the benefits of the user.
Gambling Supervision Commission


Malta is a jurisdiction known to have a trusted reputation by gambling users and operators.
The Maltese authority issues licenses only to those companies which prove to have a successful ability to carry out a betting business. Four types of licenses are available for gaming, betting, and casinos and are issued for a period of five years.
Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta


Online gambling activity is a fairly new business in Belize and is being promoted among investors to expand the financial sector.
Regulations of the Gaming Control Act have been modified from regulations of successful gambling countries to benefit Belize. The Gaming Control (Online Gaming) Regulations regulate and administer online casinos.
Gaming Control Board of Belize


Austrian authorities only issue online gambling licenses to Austrian companies. These licenses offer lottery services and casino gaming by internet, mobile phones and interactive T.V.
Austria gambling legislation is under investigation for over restricting laws of EU free trade. Austrian licensed companies are allowed to advertise in the country, but foreign licensed companies are not allowed to do so.

Kahnawake (Canada)

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC), located in North America, was established in 1996 and launched online gambling licensing in 1999. Online gaming regulations are based on Australian license issuing policies.

Applying for an online casino license in Kahnawake is a very complex process involving careful review of license background, reliability of software, ability to pay off gains, etc.

The Kahnawake Gambling License is granted for two years and all applicants should meet the requirements set by the commission. A non-refundable license fee and a refundable license fee are required the first year. The commission also requires a non-refundable deposit to cover testing of the system and investigations.
Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Antigua and Barbuda

The gambling industry in Antigua and Barbuda grew dramatically after having been considered a well regulated jurisdiction in the late 1990s.
Two types of gaming license are issued in Antigua and Barbuda:

  • Gaming license
  • Wagering license

The gaming license is for casino gambling and the wagering license for sports betting.
The licenses are issued under the following conditions:

  • Minors (under the age of 18) are not allowed to participate in any gaming activity.
  • Businesses are required to post a notice about addictive behavior on their website.
  • The gambling activities should always be carried out with honesty and legally.
  • The players identity should remain strictly confidential and the businesses should always register the players before allowing their participation.

Directorate of Offshore Gaming


Online gambling businesses in Panama are tax free as long as the income is to jurisdictions abroad.

Junta de Control de Juegos

Asociación de Administradores de Juegos de Azar (ASAJA)

Costa Rica

Costa Rica does no have a legislation for online gambling. Most companies are self-regulated and operate under a commercial license.
There is no gambling tax since there is no way to determine the companies that hold a license.
Recently, the government set forth a law for obtaining a license for "internet gaming" which can be registered in approximately two months.


The Interactive Gambling Act passed by Parliament in 2001, was an important step to reduce the negative effects that online gambling activities has on the country`s community.
Online gambling activities in Australia include online wagering and online lotteries.
Online bets are only accepted before an event has started, not after. Online instant lotteries and scratch lotteries practice is almost uncomparable from other games already being carried out. For this reason, future policies may ban similar types of lotteries offered to players using interactive communications networks.

Australian Capital Territory

Gambling and Racing Commission


Office of Gaming Regulation

New South Wales

Department of Gaming and Racing

New South Wales

Casino Control Authority

Northern Territory

Racing Gaming and Licensing Division

South Australia

Independent Gambling Authority

Liquor & Gaming Commissioner


Commission for Gambling Regulation

Western Australia

Office of Racing, Gaming & Liquor


Tasmanian Gaming Commission

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic licenses online sportsbooks. However, no new licenses have been issued to a sportsbook operating outside of the Dominican Republic since 1996.


Internet gaming companies are required to be registered under the International Business Companies Act 1996.
Dominica offers online casino and sportsbook.
Offshore businesses established in Dominica are exempt of certain taxes and are not subject to foreign exchange control.
Online gaming companies are exempt of income tax, sales tax, with holding tax, others.


Online internet gambling, carried out in a responsible and honest manner is supported by the Vanuatu government.
Vanuatu`s objective is to legally establish online gambling and attract players and operators with its low taxation and thus become a leading online gambling jurisdiction.
It is Vanuatu policy to carefully review the applicant`s background to ensure that they are capable of carrying out online gambling activities. The license background is also checked to ensure that the necessary financial resources, skills and experience are met to successfully operate the online gambling activities.
Interactive Gaming Consultants Ltd

International - Regulatory, Legal & Security

International Association of Gaming Regulators - (IAGR)

Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF)

Gaming Regulators African Forum (GRAF)

The International Association of Gaming Attorneys (IAGA)

The International Association for Casino Security

World Game Protection, Inc.