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When the user logs in, they are presented with a fully customizable main lobby welcome screen. You can add any number of images or banners from the admin to showcase events, bonuses or other marketing messages to your players. The Welcome screen presents a very professional poker lobby, reflecting your excellent software and graphics design.

The main lobby of the software is designed to intuitively provide all the information that will help the players make a quick choice of the type of the games that are currently available. Users can quickly filter the poker games based on a number of selection filters and join the tables with the click of the mouse.

The game table itself presents the users many configurations and settings at the tip of their fingers. Game play is fast and animation is super smooth. The vector graphics on our poker tables ensures that the user is able to scale the poker table to any size to get a perfectly smooth image. Audio feedback and other settings ensure that player can customize the game experience to meet their style of game play.

Above all else, poker is a game for socializing. Table chat, custom avatars, emoticons, bubble chat, buddy lists and invitation systems allow players to interact with other members for a relaxing experience at the tables without compromising security of game-play or the user. Players who like to be tuned into the conversation have many tools to keep them engaged. Those who prefer to only play a serious game can simply turn off all interaction and only concentrate on their game.

The software is designed with many options that help users derive maximum returns from their time at the tables. Whether it is betting options or game play alerts, all settings can be customized to ensure that the player can adjust the software to meet their individual needs.

With many customization features, each player can make the software his own design studio and create stunning room environments to maximize the highest level or visual pleasure. Ambience makes a big difference in the poker player’s game play and the customization feature allows each player to tweak the GUI to meet with their personal tastes.

All players love to play multiple tables. More tables per player result in more profits for the poker site. Our poker software makes sure that players can quickly tile all tables to suit their individual screen resolutions and displays. Single click option with optimized screen usage to get the largest possible table size for any given resolution.

Simple text based poker hand histories are now obsolete. Our software uses a real time gaming engine to replay the hand EXACTLY as it was played, with each detail intact. This helps the players to build their game, study opponents and verify hand winners and software integrity. The ability to search and filter based on several criteria means the players will keep coming back for more.

All players need to know detailed information about everything they do on your poker site. The powerful integrated Player Accounting Module provides all information to the players about all their history with the site including hand histories, transactions, Bonuses, Deposits, Cashouts, VIP Status and a lot more without having to leave the application. Unlike most poker software, our player accounting module means the player is never required to leave his table or software or go to the web site. It’s all built in so you can be assured that players can conduct their business without any distractions.

Every poker site owner needs to maintain complete control over all aspects of their sites such as Players, Affiliates, Administrators, and Marketing. The powerful administration system provides an exhaustive yet easy to use control panel. With a host of reports and tools, you can be assured that you have all the information you need at your finger tips in REAL TIME. In addition, you have total control over games, tables, tournaments, players and affiliates to ensure that you are able to get a transparent view of your business.