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Mobile Poker software client released for iPhone Android

Date: Thursday, September 04, 2014

We are very pleased to announce the release of our brand new mobile client software for mobile phones. Currently, the software is available on  Android, iOS, iPAD, iPAD Mini, and all android tablets. This is a major milestone achieved by Salus and we are very pleased that all our existing and new clients will be greatly benefited by the release of the new software. Designed to work in even the poorest connectivity, the software has demonstrated very high performance on even 2G connections as well as very low end starter phones. The major breakthrough comes in providing players a unified experience across platforms and devices so that the familiarity of existing UI options is easily related to in the mobile version. Players on existing are showing very high interest in the mobile poker software and are already sending in rave reviews about the software in terms of speed, stability, low resources consumption and stunning graphics. We will continue to develop this further such that it will be a major competitive advantage to all our existing customers.  

Poker Client for Mac Released

Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013

Salus Technologies has released its poker client for the Apple Mac OSX platform. With a large number of providers offering poker software, Salus Technologies wanted to strengthen its poker solutions to offer a wider choice to customers and players. The software is built to provide a unified gaming experience to players across all platforms. Players switching between Windows and MAC will be at ease on both platforms because of the design harmony between the product's versions for these platforms. With more releases planned for other platforms and mobiles, we forsee an exciting growth for our customers in the online poker business.

New poker software released 2013

Date: Thursday, July 25, 2013

Salus Technologies has just launched its latest version of the poker software with a very large number of new features. So what's new in our software? Apart from all the standard features that have always been there, we have added many innovative features that are not seen in even some top poker software products.

  1. Players can configure betting options based on their personal game play.
  2. New GUI configurations allow players to customize the appearance of the poker tables, felt, ambiance to suit their moods, chat appearance
  3. Many chat options for easy interaction with other players such as Bubble Chat, Detachable chat windows, smileys and user and admin chat options.
  4. Grouped Chat. Club all your table chat into a single window for quick access and navigation
  5. Custom Sound selection and settings
  6. Powerful integrated account settings to provide players the most comprehensive reports in the industry.
  7. Options for administrators to turn features on or off with a single click
  8. Multiple level administration with groups and settings for access control for various backend operators
  9. Bad Beats, Bonus configurations, VIP points and Custom promotions for all administrators to increase variety of incentives for players
  10. Configurable advertisement and news banners on Main lobby for marketing and sponsor revenue.
  11. Multi-Tier Integrated affiliate system with custom commission settings and management
  12. Very wide variety of almost all imaginable types of Multi Table and Sit N Go  tournaments.
  13. Custom Table settings with administration, password protection, and user created table options.
So just contact us for a free demo on our industry leading software now.

Nevada legalizes online poker - more to join?

Date: Friday, March 08, 2013

As almost anyone who is even remotely associated with online poker knows, US States are now starting to open up to online poker. Starting with Nevada, Illinios is the latest entrant in what seems to have started a stampede to start licensing online gaming in the US. While this all looks good for the players, things could get tough on the operators, considering the large list of licensing requirements and the hefty fees that appear to be on the horizon. While it is imperative that the states enforce good practices that ensure player security, the hefty licensing fees could mean that few entrepreneurs could take advantage of entering the business early and establishing themselves ahead of the very companies that the US government wanted to keep from cashing out on the profits of  US players. One of the key concerns apparently was to prevent large amounts of US dollars moving out of the country. Second, not a single cent of this earned the US Government any revenue as almost all the companies were located offshore in places such as Gibraltar and Malta. Third, if any of these operators wound up, there was almost no protection for anyone, leave alone US players, which is unacceptable to everyone for sure. The state governments could do well to ensure that the licensing fees are low for local entrepreneurs while taking a tax on the revenues to cover up any losses in initial licensing fees. Of course, all companies must ensure all the licensing rules are met with because it will certainly help build reputation. Hefty licensing fees and high taxes will kill the fledgling industry in the US even before it begins. As is already apparent, prospective players are adopting the wait and watch policy. In these days of sinking economies and sliding GDP's globally, one can only hope that new entrants in online poker in these states will be able to garner enough player confidence and loyalty to keep operating in the long run. Here is to the success of all these states and the entrepreneurs who are about to embark on the rough seas of online poker.  

Teen Patti software launched

Date: Saturday, November 24, 2012

We are excited to report that we have deployed the 3 Card Poker software which is also known as Teen Patti in India. This is a popular game played at homes and parties, mostly among friends who are just looking to have a great time. The game has been developed with 11 variations of the game such as AK47, AK56, Muflis etc. We are certain that players can derive hours of endless entertainment from the new teen patti software. Keep following us for more developments in the coming weeks for more poker software releases. The team at Salus Technologies has been working very hard to bring out new software for our fans and we are hopeful that we will always try to exceed their expectations when it comes to poker software.

Salus launches new Turkish Poker game

Date: Thursday, March 15, 2012

Salus has been steam rolling with its new offerings portfolio with many new games scheduled to release before the second quarter of 2012 is out. The first of these games, Turkish Poker , has been integrated into its platform and will be available to all new customers across the board. It will also be offered on its network site and it remains to be seen how customers receive this game. There are many customers for Turkish Poker and therefore Salus will certainly see a boost to the interest prospective customers will place on the new games that are coming up in the Salus Online Gaming Portfolio.

New Poker Network Launched by Salus Technologies

Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Salus Technologies today launched its new poker network site Pecan Networks. Salus has ambitious growth plans for its online poker and casino software and its unique offerings with tailored services will make a difference to the existing market where customers are increasingly seeking customized solutions to serve their niche offerings. Salus is very well positioned for this and is likely to get a fair share of the poker software market in the days to come.