Privacy Policy

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At Salus Technologies, we respect the privacy of our customers and visitors to this site. To this end, we ensure that unless requested by our customers, we will not initiate any correspondence or contact through telephone, email, mail or in person.

When information is requested through the RFI form or through any other means, an authorized agent of the company may make contact for the purpose of supplying the required information by any conveniently available means.

Since this site is not hosted on a secure server, Salus Technologies has no control over information while it is in transit. All forms on this site are designed to submit information directly to us and as such are unlikely to be redirected elsewhere.
When any forms are submitted on this site, the site will automatically generate a copy of your details and mail it to the address you have supplied in the form.
If you entered an incorrect email address, your information may be mailed to unintended parties for which Salus Technologies will not be held liable.
Salus Technologies assumes that you have read this section regarding your privacy when you choose to submit information through forms.